About Cat Stout and CatAttack Creative.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Cat Stout of CatAttack Creative is an independent web and graphic design professional based in sunny San Diego, California. As a freelancing professional, CatAttack wears many hats (What? Cats in hats?! That is ridiculous!), and is involved in numerous roles such as: design management, brand consulting, marketing, and idea creation. Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up.
-Pablo Picasso
We are, ultimately, creative problem solvers, who strive to carefully combine design aesthetics and marketing ideas, resulting in well-formulated solutions.

CatAttack has an innate entrepreneurial spirit, which sets us apart. A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures.
-Ben Schneiderman
Through design, we aim to encourage and challenge both new and existing clients to push the envelope of what's traditionally expected, and go beyond the imagined plan and scope of ideas and opportunities — to stand out and strive for more — a better solution.

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We strive for the highest quality in design work. We feel that design is the first thing customers and users see and it is the first thing they judge you or your company on. Without good design, you may lose potential income.


We believe in the universal right to choose your browser (well, there's one we won't mention that is a bit of a thorn in our side...). This, along with the fact that people are browsing the web with thousands of different devices makes it imperative we assess compatibility of your website and files.

Online Presence

Along with the items you put out on the web, there are many ways now to have your business or services discussed that are beyond your control (think social media!). It is crucial to monitor and, even further, respond to any chatter that is going on about you on the web.


With great design and a great brand usually comes innovation. It is important to stay on top of the latest technologies and employ them whenever they will be the most useful and the most well-received.